Ferian Gate bracelet brass

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New in for 2018

We are trying not to exaggerate here, but we really love Ferian bracelets. They are so well-made, adaptable and original. We urge our online shoppers to visit the boutique and see one up close if the photos aren't convincing enough! See also the Parallel Lines bracelet in brass - which no-one has regretted buying, ever!  :)

Drawings and prototypes are intensively trialled to attain perfect proportion, function and detail to accord with the spirit that defines Ferian. 'We rely on the close collaboration, skill and generations of experience from dedicated craftspeople in leather finishing, metal casting and manufacture to produce the highest quality British goods.'

Ferian takes its name from the Old English for ‘to carry ’ and particularly references passage over water (hence Ferian’s Naval flag insignia). 

Gate bracelet: Solid Brass. Made in England. 

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