Ittag All Over Slipper scarf fuchsia

£90.00 £150.00

The All Over Slipper scarf from Ittag is a piece dyed, square scarf with frayed borders and uses the jacquard technique to subtly represent the design of a large slipper surrounded by smaller slippers all over. 

Size: 140 x 140 cm
Fabric: 80% wool 20% silk jacquard

The scarf takes its inspiration from one of the most iconic neon landmarks of the 1950s Las Vegas Strip: the Silver Slipper Casino sign. Closed down for cheating shortly after opening, the Silver Slipper casino was bought by a paranoid millionaire who feared the rotating Slipper sign may have a camera set inside to spy on him; he had the sign light turned off and the mechanism dismantled - and the slipper filled with concrete! 

Post-War America was a time of unbridled optimism and exuberance as it became an automobile-driven society on the move. Neon signage, invented in France in 1910 by Georges Claude, fitted into this perfectly. Pulsating signs that shot neon into the heavens, and could be seen for miles down the dusty highway, beckoned the traveller to pull in off the highway and stay not only the night - but the weekend. 

Ittag was launched in 2016, combining state of the art jacquard techniques with modern and unique designs that all tell a story. "We take inspiration for the collections from travelling - both real and imaginary." 

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