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New in at Diverse for AW23

IENKI IENKI is the Kyiv-based outwear brand founded in 2016 by Dima Ievenko. Its origin derives from Dima’s passion for designing and making outwear that is fashion-forward but does not compromise on quality. The first collection included three clothing styles that became an immediate success, sold out in the very first season by innumerable prestigious international stockists.

The brand name is pronounced “yenki yenki”. It is inspired by the founder’s roots, a descendant of the Evenki people (formerly the Tungus), one the most populous and widely dispersed of the many native nations of the northern Siberia. The northern nations’ heritage is a major source of inspiration.

IENKI IENKI’s design philosophy boils down to making outerwear more flattering, creating innovative and wearable silhouettes that hardly existed before. To this end, the pieces are filled with ultra-warm and ultra-light goose down which unlike duck down keeps you especially warm. Other materials are supplied by Riri Zippers, Shoeller, Primaloft, and Recco System.