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About Diverse

"Fashion is what you’re offered two times a year.
And style is what you choose."  - Lauren Hutton

Retailing designer clothing, footwear and accessories in London since the mid-1980's, Diverse works with many of the top brands in the fashion industry. 

After 28 happy years on Islington's Upper St, our new home is on the famous Fortess Road, Tufnell Park, NW5. Please feel very welcome to visit Diverse in person. The store is sunlit, breezy and has a nice garden seat to rest in, and is open every day. We are a close knit, family-run company which employs local people. 

Saskia Lamche of Diverse laughing wearing amusing hat Diverse staff member Stroma chilling in our garden Diverse staff member Kudi at counter nice vibe Diverse staff member Emma laughing as per usual

Saskia Lamche  Womenswear buyer at Diverse since 1999. Studied Fashion Textiles under the celebrated Louise Wilson, Central St Martin’s. Saskia is the reason the beat goes on at Diverse. 

Stroma  is a talented young director working in film, TV & music while also being a valued member of our team.

Imogen  is an accomplished film & tv producer. After being introduced a few years ago at the school gate Saskia nudged her gently to join Diverse one day. Eventually she agreed to help out sometimes, and we're glad she did.

The atmosphere Kudi generates is positive. Plus Kudi knows her fashion - not only the present day, her grasp of 20th century fashion history is in-depth. 

Emma  appeared, Mary Poppins-like during our move to NW5 to help us kick-start the relocated business, before moving onto her training as a chef. Saskia: "Emma helped us so much over 2016. We owe her more than she knows."  

Eventually, all roads lead to Gabrielle & Gary, founders of Diverse and the House Style originators:

                                                        Photo: 2107
                                         Diverse founders Gabrielle and Gary 2017 photo

When Gabrielle Parker (Saskia's mother) and partner Gary Lincoln created Diverse 29 years ago, they settled on a simple philosophy which worked very well. The original Diverse at 294 Upper Street, N1 (as anyone who frequented it will tell you) was a wondrous homage to fashion, design, art & style over two large floors, with a lovely townhouse boudoir feel on the upper level - reached via a wobbly black staircase decked in Chinese lanterns. You would find so many other interesting and beautiful objects alongside the clothing. Diverse became an Upper St. institution thanks to Gabrielle, Gary & Saskia's years of hard work. 

2nd Floor, Diverse Upper St. with Verner Panton light which came with us to Fortess Road 

Old Diverse boutique at Upper Street 2nd floor 

We must quickly mention some other folks, space permitting:

Several members of Diverse team 25th Birthday celebrations

Saskia, Rosa, Sam R, Mirja, Alla, Athena, Chris & Alex, Fede, & the Sophie Hulme T-Rex at Diverse 25th.

Athena was with us for 7 years between 2009-2016, a brilliant worker & best style originator

Rosa was Store Manager for 12 years between 2003-2015, a sister & family

From Northern Italy, Federica ('Fede') worked with us for 5 years 2011-2016. A font of musical and literary knowledge

Mirja Rosendahl's lovely designs (Les Lapins, Rocky) now sell in Diverse, but she started off working with us for many happy years. She's often designed our artwork over the years, a big contribution, we're in gratitude to her.

Alla was with us through the mid-late 00's and always positive, always professional 

Moa worked with us, and lived above the shop at Upper St for many years in the 00s - 2015 & so is obviously part of the extended family.

Sam Robinson, who knows absolutely everyone in London (without exception), with us for many happy years

Chris Ancell
  Couple of formative years at Diverse Menswear, working with gent's style & grooming font of wisdom:

Alex Mein, Menswear manager, one of life's truly good guys. The steadiest person to have around during the Titanic years at 294.

Willow (not in group photo) was with Diverse for 17 years until 2015. A trusted friend who worked so well with everyone, contributing much & improving everything with her natural connectivity. 

Sorry for the long read, but many of these colleagues were with us for several years or longer. Thanks for your endurance  :)
Diverse 2017


Diverse staff member Willow looking radiant


Diverse. 294 Upper St, 1993.  A Ghost in the Window

294 Upper Street, 1999, the end of a century of fashion... Diverse wasn't around for quite all of it. Clements Ribeiro, Luella, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant et al

Diverse Menswear

Diverse Menswear was also located on Upper Street (No 286) for more than 25 years until 2015. Menswear is currently under reconstruction at a boutique and website close to this one. We are really excited about that, and also have some other plans which we hope to share with you very soon.

Diverse in our community

Fortess Road, Tufnell Park and NW5 in general are great places to live & work, and Diverse would like to help keep it that way. If you are visiting Diverse, please look out for the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker - the brilliant local businesses we have all around us eg: SK Vintage Clothing, Eeny Meeny Kids, Ruby Violet ice creams, Future & Found, 90 Degrees framers, Jessica de Lotz jewellery, Harrington Squires Print & Design, a sewing machine repair shop which appears to be in rude health, the hardware store which we all need & use and the best bakers (Spence) butchers (Meat NW5) fishmongers (Jonathan Norris) and greengrocers (Fam) you'll find on a single pavement anywhere in London. Not to forget Bear & Wolf: where everyone goes for coffee and 'the ultimate'..., right opposite Diverse.

Thanks for reading  :)

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