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About Diverse

Fashion is what you’re offered two times a year.
And style is what you choose.  - Lauren Hutton

Retailing designer clothing, footwear and accessories in London since the mid-1980's, Diverse works with many of the top brands in the fashion industry. 

After 28 happy years on Islington's Upper St, our new home is on Fortess Road, Tufnell Park, NW5. Please feel very welcome to visit Diverse in person. The store is welcoming and sunlit, and we're open most days of the year. 

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Saskia Lamche of Diverse laughing wearing amusing hat Diverse staff member Kudi at counter nice vibe 

Saskia Lamche is the reason the beat goes on at Diverse. 

The team:
Saskia - Kudi - Simone - Georgie 

Gabrielle Parker & Gary Lincoln (below) opened Diverse in the mid 1980s in Upper St, Islington, which over 25+ years became a celebrated local landmark, a complete lifestyle store set over two floors. Gabrielle's daughter Saskia joined Diverse a little while later as a buyer -  helping shape and guide the direction of the boutique - before taking over the running of Diverse in the early 00s.

Photo: 2017
Gabrielle Parker Gary Lincoln Diverse founders photo 2017


2nd Floor, Upper St. 

Some of our colleagues and collaborators:
The Diverse shopgirls outside Diverse 2009
Mirja, Sophie, Athena, Rosa, Willow, Sam R, Saskia

The Diverse team at the Diverse 25th Birthday Party
Saskia, Rosa, Sam R, Mirja, Alla, Athena, Chris & Alex of Diverse Menswear, and Fede (right) with Sophie Hulme's pet T-Rex at Diverse's 25th Birthday

Special mention to Cordula, Su-Su (Suze) & Moa - who aren't in the group photos, as well as our thanks to all others who have worked at Diverse going back a very long time!

Sam R, Lewis DG, Willow

Sam and Lewis and Willow are Diverse staff


Diverse. 294 Upper St. A Ghost in the Window
Diverse shop windows 1993 featuring Ghost

294 Upper Street, 1999, the end of a century of fashion...
Diverse shop windows 1999 Marant Marc Jacobs

294 Upper St again; you get the picture

Diverse in NW5 

Fortess Road, Tufnell Park and NW5 in general are great places to live & work, and Diverse would like to help keep it that way. We engage with our neighbours, whether residents, businesses or schools and seek to play an active role in the local area.

We can't possibly mention every great restaurant, bar or local amenity but if you are visiting Diverse, please look out for the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, eg the brilliant shops & places we have all around us: SK Vintage Clothing, Eeny Meeny Kids, Ruby Violet ice creams, Bear and Wolf, Future & Found Interiors, 90 Degrees framers, Jessica de Lotz the jeweller, Harrington Squires Print & Design, Down to Earth Yoga, the tranquil Rustique literary cafe, Beauty Box, the sewing machine repair shop which thankfully appears to be in rude health, and the best bakers (Spence) butchers (Meat NW5) florists (Violet & Frederick, kiosk outside the tube) fishmongers (Jonathan Norris) hardware store (Ideal) & greengrocers (Fam) you'll find on a single pavement anywhere.

Thanks for reading to the end    :)
Diverse July 2017


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