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Fashion is what you’re offered 4 times a year -
And style is what you choose.  - Lauren Hutton

Diverse is a family-run business that has worked with an A-Z of international labels, from Acne Studios  > Zakee Shariff. There's an emphasis on providing the right kind of service at the boutique, and we have the same ambition with our online customer relationships.

It feels like we're in the perfect location, after many happy years in Upper St, N1. Those days are well remembered, and the feeling inside the shop hasn't changed much. Saskia still runs the place, it's just we get more natural sunlight. We've realised it isn't easy explaining why Diverse is well-liked (sometimes loved) by the people who shop here. The atmosphere encourages slow fashion - not breathless consumption.

The situation in 2020 made us look again at this website. The whole team collaborated in putting together & improving our new online store. We want it to feel like the shop as much as possible. Fortess Road, and our visitors there, are what makes Diverse a nice place to work in, and hopefully an enjoyable place to shop.

Diverse in Islington N1 - (See Photos 1983-2020 below)
Saskia's mother Gabrielle & partner Gary opened Diverse in the early 1980s, a tiny shop below their Islington flat. In the 90s Womenswear moved to No. 294 Upper Street and it became a really well known local landmark. Many of our customers in 2020 have memories of Diverse going back quite some time.

Saskia learned the trade as a buyer (after completing her MA in Fashion Textiles under the inimitable Louise Wilson OBE) and worked alongside Gabrielle for many years, before taking over the running of Diverse in the early 00's. It is a life & job she lives every day, and enjoys very much.

You can always contact us with comments or questions about style related matters, or anything else. It's an ongoing conversation on Instagram, or you can email us anytime by clicking here.

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30+ years in wardrobes 

Adele Saskia and Georgie of Diverse smiling

148 Fortess Road

Adele - Saskia - Georgie: We're the people you'll see most often if you're visiting Diverse. The idea is clearly to make all our customers happy, and there's no single formula you can apply to everyone that visits : the more we can tune into how our customers feel when they come inside, the more likely it is they receive the degree of attention they would like that day. The chemistry between the 3 of us needs to be really good, and it is.

Fortess Road 2017

Diverse 1983-2020
photos below...

Store info & updates

Find out about our store in Tufnell Park, London and also see our 2020 updates here. Everything you'd find at the boutique is now available on this website. We'll be re-opening at Fortess Rd as soon as we're able to. 

Info / Updates
Diverse in the Media Sunday Times Fashion article

Diverse in the media

Diverse features in the media & national press quite often. We've appeared in Top Boutique Lists in magazines, & dressed Naomi Campbell for a Vogue front cover (it was a vest). 

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A smiling Saskia Lamche at the door Diverse

Designers & products

Our suppliers all have policies which address the main issues caused by our industry eg waste, pollution and the problem of low wages. Diverse promotes slow fashion which for us just means consuming less. 

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Saskia & Gabrielle 1994

Upstairs 294

Diverse 1988

Sharon Jenny Willow Gabrielle Saskia Diverse vintage

Polaroid on Saskia's fridge door for last 20 yrs

Sharon, Jenny,Willow, Gabrielle, Saskia

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