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A thread running through everything

There are so many other things, some of them insignificant and some essential, which dictate Emma François’ inspiration - it could be a range of colours, a story, a film or a record sleeve. This is how a Sessùn collection comes together, out of almost nothing.


This capacity for polymorphous, selective attention is certainly one of the keys to the Sessùn identity.

It’s a brand which, although rooted in its own time, is still subtle enough to lean towards timelessness.

Emma employs this talent for combinations, influences, tastes and disciplines when working on every Sessùn collection, but also uses it for promoting her brand.

In any case, there’s still a desire to give yourself a treat shining through in these limited runs and little rarities:

“so that we don’t get stuck in a logic which’d change as soon as it gets to mass distribution”.

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