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Molecule 01 + Mandarin Eau de Toilette 100ml


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This new take on the cult Escentric Molecules fragrance, Molecule 01 + Mandarin eau de toilette pairs the original aroma molecule with the zesty freshness of mandarin orange.

The Molecule + range by perfumer and founder Geza Schoen's is perfect for Molecule lovers looking to add another dimension to their signature scent. Molecule 01 + Mandarin combines Molecule 01's magnetic scent with the instant, cooling burst of citrus.

Geza Schoen: “Mandarin is so alive, the way it radiates off the skin with that citrus zestiness. Its transparency means that it vanishes quickly. I’ve touched it up with a little extra shading to extend it, adding a mandarin ingredient used in flavourings to give it super-juiciness. Then as it begins to fade, Molecule 01 syncs in, bringing a warm, erogenous feeling to play with that zinging freshness.

That’s unusual – for a top-note ingredient like Mandarin and a base note like Iso E Super to dance together naked like this, without other notes coming between them. And then when the mandarin is almost gone and you are left with the elevated simplicity of Molecule 01. 

That’s what I love about Molecule 01 + Mandarin – it may be a dance of two but the story changes completely from beginning to middle to end.”