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Gift Cards - £10, £25, £50, £100

Designer: DIVERSE


Diverse Gift Cards - in several denominations - are here.

Please note these are not a physical product.
At the moment you purchase your Gift Card, a secure email is sent to your email address containing the gift card ID. This is a very secure and flexible form of Store credit - it never expires, our online store will credit the Card with "change" whenever less than remaining balance is spent, you can use it as part payment - whichever sum you decide to spend on the card, is applied to the final checkout price including shipping or any other discount code applied. They are flexible and re-usable. We can refund to them if you return your purchase, and every card transaction is recorded by us. 

Good to know:  Please purchase the Gift Card like any other product, and supply your own email address. When the gift card arrives in your email intray, you can either note the Card ID for yours/ anyone's future use, or forward the email onto the recipient, (if it's for a friend/ loved one). The Card data/ remaining credit is always retained by the Card ID, not the email address provided. 

If the Card ID is ever mislaid, our system will be able to re-send your code to the original email address on file, so your gift is totally secure. We may all have our lives on hold right now, but if you need to say thanks, or see you soon, or I love you then these might come in handy. Please check the minimal Small Print below.

Only redeemable online (unless used with your Apple Wallet in-store). Our Gift Cards will NEVER expire or become invalid once purchased. No cash exchanges or redemptions. Cards can be used towards any Diverse product, except Gift Cards themselves. April 2020