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Metallic Ichimatsu Obi Bag Silver & Black


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LASTFRAME bags are back for AW23

Silver and black mini knitted bag crafted in Japan by LASTFRAME. Short handle and button fastening, to keep all your belongings secure.

Saskia says about LASTFRAME bags:

"On my travels in 2021 I picked up a stunningly useful & very stylish LASTFRAME handbag - red & white checks. The bags are a bit different to what's out there and I was really pleased with my find, but the way the fabric has worn in - over a couple of years - is what made me really notice the brand, before deciding Diverse simply must stock these bags. LASTFRAME's fabrics & weave patterns have a pleasing elasticity - making them so practical, stretching to accommodate impulse groceries bought on the way home from work, after which the weave always returns my bag perfectly to the original shapeI'm really hoping some of my customers discover the joys of these bags, like I did".

Launched in 2018, LASTFRAME is a brand that marries Japan’s craft heritage with founder Takanohiro Okude’s rich cultural experiences living and working around the world. Focusing on traditional craft skills that are gradually disappearing in parts of Japan, Takanohiro Okude reinterprets and reapplies them to an array of modern and unique designs.

LASTFRAME experiments with traditional Japanese techniques, using custom-made twisted yarn - adopting a rare rib technique, creating unique patterns produced by special knitting machines. Silk scarves are made using 120 year-old techniques from Ishikawa Prefecture, adopting hand rolled edging sewn by expert craftspeople from Yokohama.

Whilst based on traditional Japanese techniques, the brand aspires to create pieces that are borderless, timeless and non-binary. LASTFRAME is a Made In Japan brand that speaks to the world.


  • Material: 78% Polyester, 22% Nylon
  • Dimensions: H 13cm, W 22cm, D 10cm, Handle 28cm
  • Made in Japan